Experience as a lawyer for over 23 years: contract law, real estate construction, management for hotel chains, corporate issues, investment law, arbitration, and so on.

A professional trainer on construction matters in Kazakhstan, certified trainer on FIDIC contracts (the only one in Kazakhstan), and an acting arbitrator.

Experience includes working on the following projects:

  • Shalkiya Zinc (construction of the Shalkiya mine and ore processing plant), project cost about $350 million, Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Major power complex reconstruction in the YUKO, Republic of Kazakhstan, costing about $750 million (EPC contract)
  • PPP. Kazakhstan's national electronic system for toll collection on highways in Kazakhstan (EBRD project, FIDIC-based contract, Golden Book, based on DBOM), Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana city
  • Talan Towers in Astana city (legal support of the managing company), Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana city
  • Abu Dhabi Plaza, project cost about $1.6 billion, Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana city
  • Development and construction of a multifunctional office complex (a project area of about 250,000 sq.m.), Belarus, Minsk city
  • Construction of an underground tunnel for vehicles and a pedestrian tunnel. Almaty city, costing about $2 million.
  • PPP. Almaty Region Reconstruction of the National Ile-Alatau Park. Representation of the interests of a local investor in negotiations and conclusion of several PPP agreements for project implementation
  • PPP. Almaty taxi park project. Construction of several utility buildings and renting 300 cars between a private investor and the local city administration.