Business legal support

Our services

  • Expanding business in Kazakhstan.
  • Legal due diligence of businesses or assets to be acquired.
  • Obtaining of digital signature keys.
  • Opening of current accounts in Kazakhstan.
  • Banking compliance.
  • Registration of founders and employees in Kazakhstan, obtaining BIN and IIN numbers.
  • Work with contracts within the framework of foreign economic activity.
  • Contract management.
  • Currency regulation.
  • Migration legislation issues.
  • Consulting on regulatory matters.
  • Ways of investing in Kazakhstan.
  • Joint activities (consortia, simple partnerships, etc.).


Launch of the telemedicine service

REVERA prepared a consultation on the establishment of a telemedicine service. The review included the specifics of running such an operation in Kazakhstan and the potential risks of using the model proposed by the client

Client from BigPharma

The REVERA team advised a major pharmaceutical company on the procedure for changing its head of representative office in Kazakhstan, as well as on the payment of the cost of services rendered to the successors of the chief scientist

Setting up a representative office in Belarus

Comprehensive support for setting up a representative office of a pharmaceutical company from Kazakhstan engaged in the wholesale distribution of medicines in Belarus

Transportation of equipment for repairs

REVERA lawyers advised the client on the procedure of transporting equipment with restricted exports from Russia. The technological equipment needed to be transported to Kazakhstan for repair and maintenance.The scheme of procedure was described, the possible risks and the prospects of such actions were assessed

Tax advice

REVERA advised a company from Kazakhstan on the taxation of its subsidiary in Belarus