Resolution of Legal Disputes and Arbitration

Our services

  • Representation of interests in state and administrative courts of the Republic of Kazakhstan (economic, administrative, civil cases, city and regional courts, Republic of Kazakhstan Supreme Court)
  • Supporting disputes in local and foreign arbitration (tribunal) courts as a local counsel, including document preparation; selection of foreign partners; selection of arbitrator candidates; preparation of legal opinions.
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration decisions in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Consulting on the strategy of a potential dispute.
  • Legal due diligence before filing the case to court, including services for representation of third parties.
  • Researching and engaging foreign consultants specializing in English law to support disputes and arbitration proceedings outside of Kazakhstan.

Participation in pre-trial dispute resolution

  • Pre-trial risk analysis, assessment of prospects and cost of litigation, proposal of other dispute resolution options.
  • Negotiating dispute resolution, participation in mediation procedures.
  • Preparation of opinions on the prospects of dispute consideration within the framework of pre-trial dispute resolution procedures.

Depending on the subject matter of the dispute

  • Debts collection
  • Foreign economic activity (export, import)
  • Corporate disputes.
  • Challenging actions of government/ state authorities
  • Labour disputes.
  • IT disputes.
  • Intellectual property disputes.
  • Investment protection.
  • Resolution of construction disputes.
  • Resolution of real estate related disputes.
  • Disputes from different contracts (lease, services, joint ventures, etc.).