Astana Hub as a platform for the IT sector

Astana Hub is the largest international technology park for IT startups in Central Asia. 

Advantages of Astana Hub

  • simple  registration procedure for potential participants, it is enough to create a personal account on the portal and submit an electronic application with attachment of necessary documents. 
  • there is no registration fee.
  • the application review period is 15 working days. 

Astana Hub residency criteria

It is worth noting that the Hub has certain criteria for potential participants. Astana Hub residency criteria:

1.  The most important criterion is to carry out one and (or) several priority activities in the field of information and communication technologies ("ICT"), and within one priority activity to carry out one and (or) several works stipulated therein. 

It is this criterion that the Hub considers when granting participants eligibility for tax credits. 

2.  Exemption from payment of the following types of taxes: 

  • corporate income tax;
  • value added tax;
  • VAT on imports of certain goods;
  • VAT on the acquisition of work and services from a non-resident;
  • individual income tax payable by employees of the Technopark participant; 
  • royalty tax;
  • value added income;
  • income of a non-resident from a source in the RK;
  • dividends for non-residents;
  • social tax.

We note that the tax reliefs are valid until 1 January 2029, with the exception of the royalty tax, which is valid until 1 January 2024.

3. Simplified procedure for obtaining a work visa for residents. Astana Hub, as well as the exemption from paying the state fee for work permits, provides participants with a work visa for up to 5 years, with the possibility of extension. 

4. There is no quota for the number of foreign employees and no need to obtain a foreign labour permit. In addition, free counselling services are provided for residents to attract foreign employees.

5. Astana Hub provides support and acceleration programmes tailored for startups and technology companies, and promotes the development of the innovation ecosystem by offering opportunities for cooperation with technology startups and innovative projects. 

Programmes to support IT startups

Astana Hub has its own programmes to support IT startups: 

  • Scalerator 

Export programme for IT-companies, where participants will receive the necessary competencies to formulate a strategy for entering foreign markets, adapt the product to target markets and increase current export revenue. 

  • Techpreneurs 

A programme of continuous support for startup projects of all stages, with the possibility to choose services within the programme individually.

  • Hero Training 

Astana Hub and Draper University join forces to create a bridge between the IT communities of Turkic countries and California to open new opportunities for local startups and their successful promotion in the Silicon Valley, the technology capital of the world.

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